Story of the week #1: Clown by Seymour Jacklin

Each week we bring you a short story from a talented writer and we were very happy to feature Seymour Jacklin from Stories from the Borders of Sleep in our first show.

Stories from the Borders of Sleep is a weekly podcast of tall tales and fantastic fables. Each episode is around 8-18 minutes long and they all contain audio gems of imaginative, dreamlike narratives. You can subscribe to them in iTunes (or similar) by searching for Borders of Sleep. Or you can go straight to

Seymour was kind enough to let us use one his stories for the first Erewash and Beyond of 2012. We played Clown, a playful tale of a real full time clown and his bamboozling of pirates. You can hear the story again in its original podcast setting here. Or check the full archive at

Seymour is also involved in a range of other creative endeavours in addition to his writing, from playing in a ceillidh band called “The Scrumpy Badgers” to performing in the “Noah’s Nanny Goat Productions” theatre company.

We’re extremely grateful to Seymour for letting us play Clown and we hope you’ll drop by his site to listen to more.

We’re looking for stories of around 5-10 minutes. If you’re a writer and want to get your work on the radio email Erewash and Beyond airs every Saturday from 1pm on 96.8fm and the internet (


About Erewash and Beyond

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