Twin Town News: Poker Addict’s Compensation Gamble

An online poker addict had his claim for compensation thrown out this Tuesday by the Administrative Court of Chalons-en-Champagne, Ilkeston’s French twin town. The 37-year-old addict blamed the state for his gambling losses and sought 100,000 euros in compensation.

The Ministry of the Interior in France hold a list of gamblers banned from casinos, either voluntarily because of addiction or by order because of things such as cheating. Internet gaming sites licensed in France must query the Ministry’s list of around 36000 names before allowing the registration of a player.

The poker addict asked the ministry in April 2010 to be put on the list to ban him from casinos both in the real world and online. However an administrative error meant that he could still register to play poker on the Internet until the mistake was corrected in December 2010 during which time he had lost 10,000 euros to his addiction.

In spite of admitting that an error had been made the court dismissed his claim for compensation. The addict’s lawyer says that he will appeal. It appears though that he is as lucky in the courts as he is in the online poker rooms.

You can read the original story at: (French)


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