Writing Beyond: Weekly showcase of new writing from Erewash and Beyond

Tomorrow we’re going into the studio to record the first story for Writing Beyond, our new writing feature. Writing Beyond is the rebranded ‘story of the week’, opened up to promote other forms of writing including poetry, travelogues and comedy sketches.

If you’ve got a story, poem, sketch or similar that you want to share with our listeners please email tris.walker@erewashsound.com.

We’re looking for new writing and will be more than happy to accept your sound files of stories, poems, etc to play out on the show. If you’re local to Erewash we may even be able to get you (or a voice actor friend) into the studio to record your work. We air every Saturday from 1pm so keep it clean and suitable for a family audience. Running times of Writing Beyond will vary but ten minutes maximum should be used as a guideline.

Our author tomorrow is from just beyond Erewash (Amber Valley) and is the pen behind a collection of short stories and three novels. He takes his influence from a diverse range of authors including James Patterson and Thomas Hardy and writes in a number of genres. This week we’re being treated to crime fiction featuring one of the author’s recurring characters.

There are a couple of clues above for any sleuthing readers but for now the identity of this week’s author will remain a mystery. Watch this cyberspace for details.


About Erewash and Beyond

Every Saturday 1pm-2pm - News, current events, cookery, culture and more from the Erewash Sound news team.
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