Twin Town News: Sauerkraut auf der Autobahn

For one of the more bizarre news stories of the week we must turn to Hesse in Germany, where Long Eaton’s twin town of Langen is located. I’ve had some brilliant times in Germany and can’t wait to go back again, mainly so I can thank them for this gift of a story, so perfectly German in its Germanic Germanness.

Yes, in a story that could only come from Germany a spillage of sauerkraut caused traffic chaos on the A5, or Autobahn Funf as the Germans call it, during rush hour this Tuesday morning. The pickled vegetables were spilled after an accident involving two lorries and a car and froze on the road. The autobahn had to be closed while workers used salt to work off the frozen veg causing tailbacks of 10 kilometres (just over 6 miles). One woman was injured and the whole episode was said to have caused about 100,000 euros worth of damages. How much of that 100,000 was taken up by lost sauerkraut isn’t mentioned. Nor is there any word on a sauerkraut appeal to help those people in Long Eaton’s twin who may be missing out on pickled veg. (English)

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