And so… (a message from Tris)

Last Saturday saw my final show as presenter of Erewash and Beyond. I wanted to take this opportunity to update this sadly neglected blog one last time.

I want to say thank you to Laura-Kate Smith for being the producer, for in-studio (but sadly off-mic) renditions of various songs and for being an all round good mate. Thanks also need to go to Paul Stacey and Ian Perry for looking after the show in my absence.

It’s been a good run and extremely enjoyable. We featured great new writing from people in, around and beyond the borough, including one former and one current Derbyshire poet laureate. We teamed up with the Derbyshire literature festival to bring you the winners of a nonsense writing competition.

We’ve had strange news from our twin towns and other places around the world. There was frozen sauerkraut delaying Germans on the autobahn, illicit watermelons in Tashkent and a poo-powered brewery in Kiev.

News, history, the odd bit of cookery, increasingly bizarre celebrity gossip and Hawaiian backing music, are just some of the things I’ll miss presenting to you every Saturday.

In the phrasing of so many disgraced politicians, I’m leaving to spend more time with my family. Mrs Walker and I are expecting our first child in a few weeks and I won’t be able to offer the commitment that Erewash and Beyond deserves.

However, this isn’t goodbye so much as “I’m nipping to the shops, doesn’t anyone want anything?” I’ve got a new podcast in the pipeline and, if time allows, I hope to remain involved with Erewash Sound. You never know what 2013 will bring.


About Erewash and Beyond

Every Saturday 1pm-2pm - News, current events, cookery, culture and more from the Erewash Sound news team.
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