Erewash and Beyond is a magazine show on the radio station Erewash Sound. The show broadcasts every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm.

You can listen to us by tuning in to 96.8fm or going to erewashsound.com.

Erewash and Beyond is hosted by Tris Walker and is the station’s home for news and culture. Our regular features include:

Writing Beyond -The new writing showcase for scribes of all stripes. Short stories, poetry, tall tales and yarns all find a place in Writing Beyond as well as interviews with some of our featured writers. Share your work on the radio by sending an mp3 or by recording in our studio. Contact Tris on tris.walker@erewashsound.com or the producer Laura on laurakate.smith@erewashsound.com for more details on how you can get involved.

Word on Health – Paul Pennington reports on the latest medical matters. You can find out more by visiting the Word on Health website – www.wordonhealth.com.

Job Spot – Ian Perry reports on the latest vacancies across the borough.

Celebrity News – The showbiz Sherlock, Emma Attwood, rounds up the latest goings-on in the world of glitz and glamour.

Twin Town News – Stories from Erewash’s twin towns in France and Germany.

Erewash Crime Watch – Information on how you can help the police catch criminals in this weekly update from Ian Perry.

Key Ingredients – A different food is put under the spotlight along with advice on simple recipes.

You can also hear the local news and weather along with a dose of history, what’s going on in, around and beyond the borough and much more besides.

Get in touch:
Email – tris.walker@erewashsound.com
Twitter – @erewashbeyond
Facebook – facebook.com/erewashbeyond


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