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And so… (a message from Tris)

Last Saturday saw my final show as presenter of Erewash and Beyond. I wanted to take this opportunity to update this sadly neglected blog one last time. I want to say thank you to Laura-Kate Smith for being the producer, … Continue reading

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Keeping mum, keeping healthy: Dr Carrot and the RAF

Meetings, for the most part, are dull. They go on too long, often dominated by one person making the same point over and over. And often their only saving grace is that it gives you time to decide what to … Continue reading

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Maus by Art Spiegelman

Art Spiegelman’s Maus is one of the most lauded comic book works in history and even won a Pulitzer Prize in a specially created category. The first volume of this graphic tale of Holocaust survival was first published in 1986 … Continue reading

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Cleopatra – Last queen of Egypt

She was intelligent, witty, ambitious, fabulously wealthy and feared and admired by the men who ruled the lands around her. Lover of Julius Caesar and then Mark Anthony she bore children for both and at times looked ready to rule … Continue reading

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Twin Town News: Sauerkraut auf der Autobahn

For one of the more bizarre news stories of the week we must turn to Hesse in Germany, where Long Eaton’s twin town of Langen is located. I’ve had some brilliant times in Germany and can’t wait to go back … Continue reading

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Aztec Aphrodisiac – Avocados and easy guacamole

Ladies and gentlemen this week’s key ingredient is the avocado. This single seeded berry is a versatile food. You can stick it in a salad, mash it into guacamole, and slice it in sandwiches with chicken and bacon. You can … Continue reading

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Spuds you like – a potted potato history and perfect chips

Every Saturday during ‘Key Ingredients’ on Erewash and Beyond we look at a different food and its place in our lives. This week’s key ingredient is the potato, a staple of human diets for millennia. They’ve grown wild in South … Continue reading

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